Saturday, January 2, 2010

no title

The laughs
The long stares
Those words written in bold
Across the locker
Pointed fingers
Lonely lunch table
Awful comments
Words of disgust
Everyone's talking
They all think they know

That empty stall
Last hour's meal gone
Hell follows
Counselor's office
"I'm here to help you"
No answer
Sinking into a hole
Everyone's talking
They still think they know

Becoming mute
Parents clueless
Those dreaded words
"We're here to help you"
Grades dropping
Circles under eyes
Alone in the world
Nothing will change
Everyone continues to talk
If only they knew

Nighttime arrives
The world sleeps
A letter explains
Parents not your fault
Everyone else yes
No cure
Everyone's talking

An open drawer
Sharp Knife

Everyone talked
Talked as if they knew
Now they are silent


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