Saturday, January 2, 2010

Written 12/3/02

Rain trickles down the window pane
Dark gloomy appearances fill the room
Candles flicker lights so bright
Quiet whispers all around
Who's that boy staring at me?
From fall away he can't be seen
Where did he come from?
Might this be a dream?
Walk a little closer, don't be afraid
Becoming more each and everyday
Confused eyes glancing straight at me
Asking questions which cannot be heard
Holding a secret deep inside the heart
Whisperers grows into a flock of buzzing
To loud please go away
You boy, you can stay
Feelings of completeness, emptiness disappears
Strange new beginnings having you near
Touching your face, so warm, so smooth
Candles are dimming, almost gone
Words still not yet spoken
Why boy, why?
Wishing loved ones feelings would change
Please hold me tight, never let go
Rain stopped, clear surroundings through the window
Light appears, room visible to everything
Staring back at you, a smile starting to grow
No around just you and me
Thoughts and emotions ready to explode
You're standing up, where are you going
Don't leave you make me happy
Seeming happy with me
Don't hide your feelings
Take this candle, light it now
Hold that flame, think of me
Your touch, the feel of aliveness
Is this reality or just a dream
A dream will it become true
Share with me your answers
The flame will light the way
Remember those who are there, always and forever
Never forget the caring, the loving, everything
Boy I'm confused, I think I'm falling in love
Please don't leave, help me through
Let's light that candle together
Watching the wax drip though our fingers
One question voiced
Where does this go from here?

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