Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cruncha Ma-me Review

Cruncha Ma-Me's tag line " Feel Good About Snacking "... Edamame Veggie Snacks. Absolutely amazing. A perfect snack for lunch, or mid-day.

What is Edamame you may wonder? They are soybeans, with many amino acids that are great for good health. I've never tried edamames that I didn't have to boil. I love the soybeans from Trader Joes and I normally stock up on them and have them week to week. Then I stumbled upon the Cruncha Ma-me's site and decided to see if I could sample some of their products. Luckily enough they sent me some! I received 5 different packages, and let me tell you the first one I tried was mind blowing.

Lightly Seasoned. Not too salty, just about right. I ate the whole pack in less than 5 minutes! That good!

Naked. A bit too plain for me. I like some flavor.

Sea Salt and Black Pepper. Mmmmm Mouth Watering.

Onion and Chive (have yet to try this yet)

Jalepeno (have yet to try this yet)

Each package of these Veggie snacks has 8grams of Protein, and each has only 90 calories. Pretty impressive for a healthy snack if you ask me. Each package also has up to 1 servings of veggies. So if you forget to each veggies for the day, pull out a snack of Crunch ma-me's and your veggies intake is taken care of!
This is taken from their website but this shows you their snack compares with other snack foods. Take a quick look!

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  1. I love Onion & Chives as they are flavorful! Jalapeno is very popular among my friends as they like that slighy spicy kick in their snacks!

    Cheers, Veronica