Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cordina -- Cocktails on the Go Review~

On a hot sunny day, poolside, why not grab a Cordina Cocktail? They are frozen, and oh so good! You must be 21 or older to check out the site, and if you are, please do! When I received this from the UPS carrier, I was in the best of moods.

So I read the story about how these drinks came about, and I will admit that two college buddies are the perfect fit for this drink. They were pretty smart putting it in a pouch so it could be taken on the go. I used to love drinking capri suns, and this reminds me of a capri-sun, only an adult version! Where did the name come from? They mixed up their last names, "Cordes, and Martina" -- pretty awesome!

Flavors? Here we go:
Mar-Go-Rita -- I love Margaritas- and this is amazing to have it in a pouch!

Strawberry Daiquiri -- I would drink these when I went on cruises all the time. Delicious!

Pina Colada -- Not a huge fan, so I gave this to a co-worker, and she LOVES it
Margarita Watermelon -- you cannot go wrong with all different flavors!

Mudslide -- I can't wait to try this! A frozen chocolate drink? Love!
100 calorie pouches! Best idea ever! I'm not a huge drinker, but I love the idea of having these as 100 calories. I plan on having the mango one on the 4th of July.

You can find these drinks at most grocery stores, and even drug stores. This is worth a try. You can bring them anywhere: pool side, beach, at a bbq, or just lounging around at home. Keep them frozen! Check out the website one more time!

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  1. Like you, Rachel, I don't drink much. I prefer sweet blended, fruity, frozen drinks. Since I don't buy alcohol, these good and convenient to keep in the freezer. Great review. Thanks, I'm going to check Corbina out..