Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hi I'm Skinny Chips

I've been so excited to write this review! These chips are absolutely amazing. Hi I'm Skinny Chips are 40% less fat than other chips, and are all natural. A co-worker and I were talking at work today and decided that these chips remind us of Bugels, but so much better! I brought one bag and we couldn't stop eating them. I'm so incredibly disappointed that I left all the bags at my boyfriends house because I have a huge urge to start snacking on them again.

Tangy BbQ -- I haven't tried yet, but cannot wait until Friday to rip open the bag

Cheddar. Amazing. These are the chips I brought to work, and I promise that the bag will be finished before the end of the day tomorrow.

So I told my boyfriend to try these veggie sticks and he's like "I have already tried veggie sticks before and I know what they taste like, so no thanks." I told him to try them anyways, and after he did, he wanted another handful, and then another, and another. I almost had to hide the bag from him.

These are by far my favorite so far. The sea-salt is mouth watering. My boyfriend was a huge fan as well.

I haven't tried either of these yet: sweet onion and sweet potato. I'm most excited for the sweet onion. But regardless if the others are so good, these two will be just as good.

I recently became a fan of The Fresh Market grocery store, and these chips are here! So excited! You can find out where you can buy these chips here.

Free Shipping is happening right now until July 5th. You should check out the website and buy a bag of chips. I promise you will not be disappointed!

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  1. These sound like a great healthy snack. I was a Bugels addict as a teenager -- still am. The Sweet Potato and Veggie Tortilla would probably be my favorite. Great review, thanks!