Sunday, June 9, 2013

I AM Sleepy Review

I have had the most difficult time sleeping lately. All the stress from work has been driving me crazy and keeping me up at night. I have tried melatonin vitamins, tylenol pm (which isn't a good day) and some other form of sleep aids and nothing seems to be working. I then found this awesome drink that completely works. It's called I AM Sleepy.

Technically you should drink the whole bottle, but I took like 5 sips and 20 minutes later I was about to doze off. I was able to keep myself up for another hour, but the sleep was amazing. I woke up feeling fresh and not tired at all. I am definitely a fan.

Each bottle is only 5 calories, has 3mg of Melatonin, and is gluten free.

I AM has other products too

I find these products healthier than taking pills.

Check them out today: THINK I AM/ These products are definitely worth it!

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