Sunday, September 8, 2013

Two Fat Guys BBQ Sauce Review

So I recently moved to the south, well 3 years ago recently, and bbq is HUGE down here. It's funny because when I lived back up North, when I thought of bbq, I just thought of bbq chicken, or bbq sauce, I never though of anything else. I remember my mom wanting to try pure bbq when I first moved to NC, and I was totally against it. However, after living here for a bit, bbq is just a normal thing to hear now. I'm a huge fan of bbq sauces now too! So when I stumbled across Two Fat Guys bbq I had to see if I could sample some!

I was sent the Smoky bbq sauce. Every drop keeps you coming back for more. It isn't too hot, and not too mild, a perfect combination, and leaves a little smoky flavor as an aftertaste and it's really good. The first time my boyfriend and I tried the sauce was with our chicken kebabs. Very good!

The other sauces they have are: Mild, Spicy, and Lava Hot. I almost requested Lava Hot since I'm a huge fan of anything spicy/hot, but the boyfriend wouldn't have been able to handle the heat. The bbq sauces are gluten free, high fructore corn syrup free, fat free, and cholesterol free. On the website there is a spot that allows you to find recipes you could use with your bbq sauce. It's funny because tonight my boyfriend cooked bbq pulled pork. I just found out that there's a recipe for that as well! He used the whole entire bottle, and he's really happy with the taste. I'm a little disappointed he didn't save any for me, since I don't eat pork :(

If you're interested in learning more about Two Fat guys bbq sauce, you can check out the website. You can check out what other people have though about the sauces as well. They are all pretty positive, and I can agree with what most of them say! I'm very happy I had a chance to try out Two Fat Guys BBq sauce! I definitely wasn't disappointed!

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