Monday, November 25, 2013

Bzzagents Claritin D review

Claritin D helps fight allergies. It's a non drowsy medicine. It also helps with nasal congestion. It's a great medicine to take during the cold months. I've used Claritin before during the spring when my allergies hit the highest peak. I always feel better after taking Claritin, but had no idea that it would be good when I have a cold. I'm excited to try out this, but then again I may be jynxing myself as I haven't gotten that "cold" yet.

Claritin D Allergy and Congestion is the #1 pharmacist recommended adult multi-symptom allergy product. I always have to ask my mom this, if she recommends claritin as she's a Pharmacist. She actually did recommend this a couple weeks ago when my boyfriend was getting a cold.

Thank you to Bzzagent, for letting me have a chance to try out this product. I was also able to share this product with my co-workers as I had many coupons to give out. I have a feeling, after reading the great customer reviews on claritins website that it will be a great fix.

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