Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Goldbaum Review

In 1998, Scott Goldbaum, a father of 5, decided to find the best gluten free products out there. After lots of research, he developed his own line. The foods are healthy, they taste great, and they are wonderful for people with diabetes. Each product is free of soy, gluten, dairy, and nuts. More history:

"Goldbaums was established in 2007 with the objective of filling the gluten-free niche in the U.S. food industry. While several companies already offered gluten-free products, many of them lacked qualities which we felt strongly about. Indeed, since our inception, we have been inundated with positive reports and testimonials from our steadily increasing client base. Our company is relatively new, but our knowledge and experience are anything but. Leah Parnes, CEO of Goldbaums, chose a gluten-free lifestyle more than a decade ago because of health-related issues. Unhappy with the quality of available gluten-free foods, she decided to make her own. After toying with various recipes, she came up with what she believed was a perfect gluten-free pasta. She shared it with her diet support group who not only raved about its taste, but actually told Leah they would pay her to make some for them. And so, out of a modest home kitchen the seeds of Goldbaums Natural Food Co. were planted. In the last decade, Leah has helped countless individuals with celiac disease and diabetes lead high quality lives. She and Moe, an entrepreneur and salesman, combined their expertise to transform Goldbaums' humble beginnings into the professional company it is today."

Chow Mein Noodles are great for soups or salads. I make soup a lot at home, and can't wait to try this as an additional touch. Another great soup addition, are the mini croutons. These will last for a long time! I love croutons!

Who doesn't like ice cream cones? My boyfriend was thrilled when he saw these. After dinner the other night, he made himself a cone and it was gone in seconds. He said it tasted better than getting a sugar cone at the ice cream shop. We also received ice cream bowls, and I really enjoyed those.

My absolute favorite... the quinoa crisps. I even went on amazon today and was looking at the prices so I could buy myself some more. I received a big bag of bbq, but the smaller ones I received: sea salt, and onion & garlic. Those two are my absolute favorites. Only 100 calories per small bag, 65mg sodium, it's an amazing snack. I was disappointed when the bag was empty. This is definitely something I want to keep in the house!

These flatbreads are made with ground chickpeas. They are wheat free and GMO free. I've eaten them plain, and I've eaten them with jam on top. I received Just salt and french onion. The other flavors are: nutty sesame, and roasted garlic.
Once we get back from Thanksgiving break, we will be making pasta. I can only imagine how tasteful it is since everything else I've received has been so great. There are other pasta products available as well.
They also offer frozen meals. Each and every product I've tasted so far has been wonderful.

I definitely recommend Goldbaums if you are living a Gluten-Free lifestyle, of if you just want some great tasting snacks. If you're looking for ways to spice up your products, they have recipes on the website. You can also read what others are saying about them as well.

Goldbaums can be found at a store near you. Check them out on facebook, and twitter.

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