Friday, November 1, 2013

Infused Spreads Review

When I was young, I always enjoyed crackers with strawberry jelly as a snack. When I would go out to breakfast and order toast as a side, I would try all the jellies that were on the table. I loved Jelly. As I grew older, I turned to peanut butter and cream cheese. Last year my boyfriends assistant made some strawberry jam and she gave us some and I fell in love with Jam all over again. I was very excited when InfusedSpreads said yes to me so I could try some other jams out there.

Infused Spreads story: (taken from their website) "Two committed and dedicated culinary trained connoisseurs, passionate about their craft, were ready to take on the challenge of owning their own business. Emem and Eli visit local farmers market, searching for inspiration in the available fruit and herbs, and methodically crafting the model and method of InfusedSpreads. Initially, they were armed with a few stainless steel pots, wooden paddles, a few jars & fruits from their local farmers market, set up their four burner apartment kitchen stove, in Baltimore city. From this location, they prepared their first preserves by employing old fashion methods and technique of preserving, yielding intense, rich tasting preserves; locking in the essences of each fruit and successfully created “Infused Spreads”. Infused Spreads first basic preserves were divided into categories such as jam (chunky), fruits butters (smooth) Marmalade (made with the pulp and skins of citrus fruit). Today, Infused Spreads preserves are still made in small tiny batches in their commercial kitchen at Curtis Bay, Maryland. They even still fill each jar one at a time, by hand so you’ll get the old-fashioned quality. Their expanding varieties include assortments of sauces, infused vinegar’s & chutneys which captures the unique changing textures and flavors of the local harvests. - See more at:"

Blueberry Ginger Jam. You can taste the Blueberry and definitely can taste the hint of ginger too. This is by far one of my favorite jams I've ever tasted. Ingredients: Blueberry, Sugar, Lemon Juice and Ginger.

Raspberry Jalapeno. Oh my goodness. I love Jalapeno, so when Infused Spreads was telling me he had a hard time picking out jams for me, I was overjoyed that he sent me one that I could fall in love with. I love all things spicy, and there is a definite kick to this jam. I'm savoring every taste. Ingredients: Raspberry, Sugar, Jalapeno, and Lemon Juice.

The mini's are all 2.75. On each jar tells you when they were produced. See below to see when The Raspberry Jalapeno was produced

Strawberry Lavender Jam is one of their best selling jams and I can see why. It tastes so wonderful. My boyfriend fell in love with this one. He's very excited for eggs and toast tomorrow morning so he can spread on some of this jam. Ingredients: Strawberry, Sugar, Lemon Juice, and Lavender Flowers. The 8oz containers are 6.95. Not bad either!

Orange Marmalade Chipolte. I'm normally not a marmalade fan, but the chipolte kick is just delightful. There's a recipe you can make using the Marmalade. Orangne Chipolte Chicken. Ingredients: Orange, Sugar, Chipolte.

Not only does InfusedSpreads make jam, but they also make: Balsamic Ginger Reduction, Chili Herb Vinegar, Chipolte Ketchup, and Tarragon Vinegar. They also have many different types of jam for all different seasons. You can see what else they have to offer here. You can also see how to take care of your jams here.

You can find Infused Spreads at their website. Also on facebook. Check them out today!

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