Sunday, November 3, 2013

Little Moon Essentials Review

Little Moon's Story taken from their website "Little Moon Essentials began with an actual dream Laura had in the winter of 1994. She dreamed of a warming, ginger mineral bath, called "Letting Go" that would help with her chronic eczema. She woke up the next morning with the blend in mind, the name, and a picture in her head of the jar. Being a studied aromatherapist and herbalist, she made the base with a combination of salts that was unique and unusual, and very high in essential minerals, with organic ginger as the keystone herb for its therapeutic healing properties. She completed the formula with essential oils known to aid in detoxification and stress relief, lavender, nutmeg & others. She prepared the jar, and took it to the local health food store where she worked, Alfalfa's Market in Boulder, Colorado, asking if they would sell it on consignment. The very next day the entire 10 pounds was gone, an entire gallon jar empty! Thus a dream company had begun, and with it the idea for a new kind of BODY MEDICINE - an easy-to-use product that would pamper you, and ALSO make your body healthier and better, every time you used it. Laura envisioned remedies that would make it easy to re-lease a rotten day or spur on a creative moment - a remedy for every reason!"

If you're in Steamboat Streams Colorado, you should check out the shop called: The Magic Factory and Body Apothecary. You can shop there for your needs, or you can buy what you'd like on their website:

What's good about taking a bath? Not only can you escape from the world for a good 20-30 minutes (that's all I can spend in a bath), but a good hot bath is good for stress relief, good when you're under the weather (cold or flu), after a hard days work at the gym or sporting practice, also good if you have skin issues (rashes, chicken pox, or hives). What's better than taking a warm bath with bubbles or just plain? Little Moon Essentials Bath Salt. I was sent *Beach all you want Mineral Bath Salts*. product description taken from the website "A Beautiful Paradise-Scented Treat! Made with 100% pure essential oils that are reminiscent of a warm beach breeze and melt stress away- tangerine, sandalwood, and an organic coconut extract. The lovely orange color comes from a red Hawaiian salt called Alaea - that carries the Aloha Spirit!. Use this bath anytime you need a getaway! Beah All You Want contains a unique blend of salts especially high in iron and trace minerals, with alaea salt, and 100% pure essential oils. <> Use a generous handful after you have entered the bath, and inhale deeply. Visualize your body surrounded with everything you need to make your dreams come true - ON A BEACH! Relax as the miracle waters inspire your body and your spirit. Wanna try ALL our Beach products at once? Beach Packs are a great way to try 'em all! Matches our Coconut-Tangerine Lip Love! Click to see! Also matches the Beach Lotions - click to see! Much like the Wedding Project we made Emily and Maka Kalai - so you could say those great friends and their Aloha Spirit inspired this one!".
I felt so incredibly comfortable in my bath. I just thought about the next getaway the boyfriend and I would be taking and it wasn't home for the holidays! I felt so at ease, and so comfortable. I only needed a little bit of the salts to make me feel great. You can go here and find the other mineral salts there are to offer you.

Little Moon Essentials also has a line of Cold Busters. They could not have come at a better time. I was dealing with a sore throat. I have never really tried any vapor rub before, but I thought why not try to see if it gives me any relief. I was quite surprised that it did. All I did was rub a little on my throat, and I slept through the night. I also put on a little before work, and felt good. It has a lemon drop scent and is made with NO petroleum products. They also have an Aching Head Rub that I would LOVE to try. I suffer from Complicated Migraines and would love to see if there is a product that could give me some relief from the pain. I definitely will look into this!

Who doesn't love lipsticks (chapsticks)? I go through so many of them during the colder seasons. Taken from the website: here's a little description "This delicious Coconut / Tangerine Lip Love is made with some of Nature's finest emollient moisturizers - shea butter (also a natural sunscreen), cocoa butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and organic sesame oil, which really make it work for chapped lips and dry skin places all over. It is rich and sweet tasting, flavored with tangerine essential oil, organic coconut extract & organic vanilla. With a completely natural source suncreen, this lip stuff is truly an all-natural lip-loving wonder! Delicious Flavor matches our Beach All You Want Bath Salt - "
. I haven't tried this out yet, but it's in line to be used!

Check out Little Moon Essentials today for all your remedy needs. They are 100% natural and so far have worked for me! You can find them on facebook and on twitter.

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