Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nail Cones Review

Every time I try and paint my nails I always find out that I made a mess. I always have to keep the nail polish remover near me just in case I get more polish everywhere else except on the nail itself. Cindy Christman, the creator of Nail Cones had the same problem. Even if you use the polish remover with a Q-tip, it was still a messy situation and it never really worked. Cindy decided to create her own product, a sticker to help with the painting of your nail. She talked about this with other people, and this sounded like such a great solution. The name "Nail Cone" was easy! Everyone loves ice cream (well hopefully everyone), and the sticker is in the shape of a cone, so it was perfect.

Since my nails are so short, and my fingers are all cut up, I took this picture off the website, so I could show you what these products are!

You basically stick the sticker underneath the nail and paint away. This is a perfect gift for kids, and actually it's a perfect gift for anyone that has issues with painting their nails. Issues as in, making a mess. We aren't all born with the ability to paint nails, or have gone through trainings like the nail salon people do. We also don't always want to spend money to get a good manicure. Why not find a solution to do it yourself? This is why Nail Cones is awesome.

Watch the video tutorial for this. I promise it's easy as 1-2-3.

You can find Nail Cones on facebook and Instagram.
With the holidays coming up, Nail Cones is an awesome stocking stuffer. Go buy some Nail Cones today!

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