Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rabana Crisps Review

The Rabana Crisps were made by a mom who was trying to find a healthy snack for her children that you couldn't find in the grocery store. When the banana's she had at home became too ripe, she would make banana bread, when the bread would go stale, she baked it again, and the Rabana Crisps were created. Rabana Crisps are also made with rescued bananas. These are bananas that grocery stores tend to throw away because they are too ripe. These types of bananas are the best for banana breads and Rabana Crisps.

Rabana Crisps are sold ALL over California. My brother and his wife live in Pasenda and they are sold all over there, I need to ask them about these or have them find some for me when I see them next week. They are also sold in Nevada and Utah. You can buy them on their website as well.

I love banana bread. So when I tried these crisps I was in heaven. I shared them with my supervisor today, and she fell in love. She kept saying "these would go perfectly with yogurt. I need to buy myself some before Thanksgiving, because if I don't like the food they serve, I'd rather just snack on these". So of course I had to give her the rest of mine. I still have one more bag left! They are perfect sized, and they are the perfect snack food.

Rabana Crisps Facts:
All Natural
Lactose Free
Have No Preservatives
No Artificial Colors or Flavors
Low Sodium

You can go here to see the many ways to enjoy these crisps. Rabana Crisps can be found on https://www.facebook.com/RabanaCrisps, Twitter, and Instagram. Check them out today!

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