Wednesday, November 20, 2013

UrgentRx Review

I always have to carry a bottle of asprin with me everywhere I go. Whether it's in my purse, in a drawer at my office, or hanging out in my car. I get horrible headaches and if I don't have some medicine on me, I could be in a bad position. Jordan Eisenberg, founder of UrgentRx; his dad used to do the same thing, carry asprin with him as a first aid treatment for heart attacks. Jordan as well had to carry medicine with him for his allergies. It's a hassle always having to carry around large packages or bottles of medicine with you. Jordan thought so too:

"Jordan imagined credit card-sized packets of powdered medications. They’d be easy to carry, handy in unexpected situations, and easy to take. Without needing to find or ask for water. That idea became a reality when Jordan founded UrgentRx and launched his first fast powders product—Critical Care Aspirin to Go.
Within days of being on the market, UrgentRx Critical Aspirin to Go was recognized for saving the life of a heart attack victim on the slopes at Vail Ski Resort."

UrgentRx Products
Allergy Attack
Ache and Pain
Upset Stomach
Critical Care Asprin

Each package is a different flavor. There are three easy steps for using UrgentRx.
1. RIP open the credit size packet
2. POUR the fast-dissolving, flavored powder into your mouth.
3. RELIEF in record time.

You don't need to struggle with the safety proof cap, you don't need to look around for water, none of that! Rip open the package and you're good to go.

My boyfriend takes medicine for acid - reflex. For some reason, he's been forgetting to take it at dinner. We were out the other night and he totally forgot to grab a pill before we went out. After dinner he was complaining about heart burn. I took out the credit card sized packet. Explained to him that it was worth a try, after much hesitation he did try it and not too long after was he in a better mood. If that worked for him, then I definitely can't wait to try the other packets I was given, and I really need to get myself some of the headache relief packets.

Right now on Facebook, there's a sweepstakes going on where you can win 400$ in food and a 2 month supply of UrgentRx. What are you waiting for? Enter! I already did!

You can find UrgentRx on Amazon,,, and If you're looking for fast acting relief, UrgentRx is for you!

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