Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fixx Chocolates Review

It started in May, 2012 in Madagascar. Nicole Coady was visiting an Island off the coast of Africa, she was seeing the origins of chocolate. She was surrounded by cacao plantations,she fell in love. She wanted to take the candy bar experience to a whole new level. The rest taken from the website "As she relentlessly pursued and shaped her vision for the ultimate gourmet candy bar experience, Nicole researched and sampled the products available to consumers, buying candy bars from local gas stations to candy shops in Paris. Her goal was to create something that nobody has ever experienced, something innovative, and something to satisfy gourmet addictions. The result was fixx chocolates and an assortment of unique, rich and superb creations that will elevate your candy bar experience. From peanut nougat and bacon to candied jalapenos, the fixx experience will introduce you to intoxicating flavors that will reinvigorate your love of chocolate."

I really enjoy chocolate. I love trying all sorts of chocolate with different flavors. Basic chocolate is boring to me. Boring is one thing Fixx Chocolate is not. What's awesome about each of these bars? Each bar has a name associated with it, and each bar has a little message in it as well. The candy is so unique looking, you almost don't want to eat it, but how can you not? The packaging is also unique. It would make a perfect gift, and you wouldn't even have to wrap it!

So I received: Abby's Chocolate: Rich caramel in milk chocolate with sea salt
LuLu's Chocolate: Caramel with pretzels, coconut and sea salt
Nikki's Chocolate: Peanut butter nougat with apple wood smoked bacon and maple caramel
Chelle's Chocolate: cashew nougat with roasted cashews and caramel
Andy's Chocolate: Praline crisp with passion fruit pate de fruits
and Bud's Chocolate: peanut butter nougat with roasted peanuts and sea salt

I'm going to let you explore the names behind each of the chocolates. Click here!
Look at Nikki's Bar:

So pretty, and the pieces are a perfect bite. I also said there was a note inside, well it says: "Nikki's fixx is a rich peanut butter nougat with maple caramel and apple smoked bacon in dark chocolate. Nikki is my childhood nickname. Growing up, I always ate buttermilk pancakes spread with peanut butter, maple syrup, and a side of bacon". In the right hand corner of the note it says " This bar may inspire exercise".

I think it's nice to read a note that inspires the chocolate. I also love peanut butter, and actually right before I traveled home for Thanksgiving, I had a waffle with peanut butter... not the exact same, but you know.. similar. I also love maple, and bacon. This chocolate bar was a delight. Every time I eat chocolate, I always feel guilty. Chocolate isn't the best for you, but when you work out on a daily basis, it's okay to have a piece right? Or it's okay to have a piece of chocolate every once in awhile. There is always that craving. The next bar I'm going to try is Andy's. I love pralines. I'm also saving 2 of these to give to my mother, as she's a chocolate fanatic. I'm definitely a fan, and so thankful that Nicole let me try out her chocolates!

If you're looking to find out where fixx chocolates are sold, they are basically sold all over MA. You can shop online though. You can also find fixx on facebook.

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