Monday, December 2, 2013

Hi-Chew Review

So I come home from Thanksgiving yesterday and find a few packages waiting for me. I open up the first one, and to my amazement I found this:

That's right, a whole entire box of Hi-Chew Candies! I love fruity sweets, and was very excited to try out some of these. I'm "trying" to eat better, so I brought in a handful to share at work. I still have a whole box left! It's a good thing I can continue to share the goodies with my co-workers!

About Hi-Chew taken from the website: "Way back in the 1930s, an enterprising candy maker by the name of Taichiro Morinaga was trying to make a new kind of chewing gum for Japan. Back then, and even today, taking food out of your mouth was considered to be somewhat impolite. So, to make chewing gum a more culturally accepted snack he wanted to create a chewy candy, just like gum, but one that could be swallowed like any other food.
Fortunately, Mr. Morinaga had the ability to make outstanding caramel. The caramel was special in many ways, but what made it unique was its smooth, creamy and chewy texture. In a stroke of candy-making genius, Mr. Morinaga took the unique texture and combined it with a natural strawberry flavor – in 1931 Chewlets was born. Following World War II, Morinaga had to re-build the company from the ground up. In 1975, and after a lot of work, Chewlets was re-introduced as the wonderful, fruit flavored candy now called Hi-Chew."

Hi-Chew is still a cultural icon in Japan. There are over 113 different flavors! Every single flavor I have tried is mouth watering an very wonderful, and very ADDICTING.

Green Apple, my favorite




Each Flavor tastes just like it's name. Delicious in every single chew.

I also received a pack of the Hi-Chew Cherry. I haven't ripped this open yet, but I'm guessing it's just as wonderful as the other flavors I received.

You can find out about Hi-Chew on their website, on facebook, twitter, and instagram. Find a Hi-Chew near you. It's a great tasting sweet for every craving need!

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