Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Isabella's Cookies Review

Jennifer Palmer founder of Isabella's Cookies started baking at a very young age. Her treats are made with all natural ingredients and have no preservatives. All her cookies are fresh and hand-made.

Before I even show you what I received, I just have to say, I've tried many cookies in my life, but nothing compares to Isabella's Cookies. The cookies I received are scrumptious. I thought to myself "I'm just going to try one of each and share the rest with work"... That isn't happening. They are THAT good that I don't want to share them with anyone (except the boyfriend, only because I live with him).

This is the box they came in.

Choco La La La -- Chocolate and Mint, actually to be more descriptive: double chocolate cookie with white chocolate mint chips and red, white, and green holiday sprinkles. I'm not really a huge chocolate fan, but these were mmm good. I had one with a glass of milk. You can definitely taste the mint and the holiday sprinkles in every bite.

Little Baby Ginger The ginger is so satisfying. I love gingerbread cookies and gingerbread lattes, and everything that's a treat with ginger for the holidays. Best Ginger cookie I've ever had.

Abdominable Snowball -- These are chocolate chip cookies that are filled with coconut. There's a marashmallow frost and topped with toasted coconut. I'm normally not a coconut person, but I love chocolate chip cookies, so I had to give these a try. It was worth it.

V-RV -- This is one of the vegan cookies. It's Red Velvet. I love red velvet cupcakes, and you can taste the sweetness of this cookie in each and every bite. The vanilla drizzle on top- tops it off.

Peppermint Sugar Rush -- Sugar cookie topped with vanilla icing and sprinkled with all-natural crunchy peppermint. This cookie is so much better than any peppermint candy you may like. The peppermint isn't too strong, it's just right for each cookie.

Holiday Sugar Rush -- Star-shaped sugar cookie topped with vanilla frosting and natural blue and white sprinkles. BEST SUGAR COOKIE I"VE EVER TRIED. I don't care what anyone says, they are amazing. The sugar cookies are gone by the way, just had the last one after I got home from work.

There are SO many cookies for you to choose from. They even have Vegan Options. You should go check out what other cookies may tickle a taste bud or two. You can even have your own cookies customized. The cookies are reasonably priced as well. During the Holiday Season, using the promo code: CELEBRATE you can get 25 off your website purchase. These are great gifts to share with your friends and family for this season and all seasons!
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I'm so incredibly thankful that I was able to try these cookies. They are absolutely amazing. Honestly, the best cookies I've ever tried.

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