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PaperChef Review

Parchment Paper 101: (taken from the website)
From preparation to presentation – and everything in between – Culinary Parchment will add an element of simple sophistication to any meal. Whether it’s cooking something as basic as bacon and eggs or preparing an elaborate multi-course dinner, parchment paper’s application extends far beyond simply protecting your cookware.
Perhaps best known for its use in the classic French “en papillote” style, parchment paper has a long history as a technique for creating refined and sumptuous food. This simple yet elegant culinary tradition infuses the meats, vegetables and herbs together creating unparalleled flavor and richness.
Oven safe to 425°F, Culinary Parchment’s line of non-stick products, including Cooking Bags, Baking Cups and Multipurpose Paper, not only seals in nutrients, but enhances the food’s natural flavors while virtually eliminating the need for synthetic cooking sprays and high-fat oils.
Culinary Parchment products are not only 100% biodegradable, but they are also FSC and Kosher certified. Discover the Art of Cooking with Parchment, an innovative and convenient way to prepare food in the time-honored tradition practiced by great chefs the world over.

I received lots of parchment paper from Paperchef. It couldn't have come at a better time. The other day I baked 60 cupcakes for a work event. I was able to use a lot of the parchment cupcake liners. I used some of the basic, and also some of the tulip/lotus ones. I've never seen a cupcake liner in the shapes I was given. It was pretty awesome.
You don't even just have to bake cupcakes or muffins in these liners. You can also bake eggs, or anything else that will cook nicely in these tins. The best part about these liners? They are non-stick, so when you peel back the liners, everything stays perfectly in tact.
Paperchef also has Lotus and Tulip Cups. Here are two examples from the website. Their picture is way better than my phone camera will take!

These make for great presentations. Completely different than your normal muffin/cupcake tins. It will definitely bring up some great conversation at any dinner party.

I also received: Parchment Cooking Bags, Pre-cut Parchment Sheets and Regular Parchment Paper. The bags "Opening the bag after cooking will release an aromatic rush of warmth and richness. Steamed to perfection, “en papillote” meals embody the essence of fresh, healthy cooking.". We haven't used them yet, but for as much cooking as we do on a daily basis they will definitely get used.
In the past I've always used tin-foil, but recently I've been using as much parchment paper as I can. I roast a lot of vegetables, and I also bake a lot. It's easier to have the non-stick, then having to spray some PAM on each and every sheet I would use so the food wouldn't stick. Using the Parchment paper also keeps the flavors alive.

Facts to know:
Each Parchment item -- up to 425 degrees in an oven
100% Biodegradable
FSC and Kosher Certified
Environment and Family Friendly

Click here to find recipes to cook using the parchment paper. You can read more articles here. Watch videos of others using the paper. Find out where you can buy these products.

I will never go back to Tin-Foil. After using the Parchment Paper, I will always be using the Parchment Paper! Paperchef has given me a whole new outlook on cooking!!!

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