Monday, December 9, 2013

Quinn Popcorn Review

My boyfriend and I love popcorn. If you look in our pantry, there is normally 2-3 bags of bagged popcorn. We never really run out. We also like making it from the kernels instead of bagged popcorn. Then I found out about Quinn Popcorn. I requested to write a review about it, and was lucky when I was sent three boxes to try!

Quinn Popcorn is "Popcorn Reinvented". The first thing that was reinvented was the popcorn bag. It's grease proof paper, only paper. All the chemicals in the other microwavable bags are now gone. -- On another note the popcorn is NON-GMO and Organic!

Products of Quinn Popcorn:
parmesan & rosemary
vermont maple & sea salt
butter & sea salt
hickory smoked cheddar
olive oil & herbs
lemon & sea salt
just sea salt

We finally had the chance to try the popcorn this past weekend. The last couple of weeks have been so crazy and we've been out of town. We normally use popcorn (the ones we make ourselves) as a weekend snack. So after dinner we came home and decided to try Olive Oil and Herbs. Definitely a fan.

So how does this popcorn differ from others? After you pop it in the microwave, you rip open the bag, well not rip open, but slowly open the bag and pour in the oil,(the liquid stuff), then you shake-shake-shake. Afterwards you pour in the mix, and shake-shake-shake. Then you pour some in your bowl and taste away! If you don't want to make the popcorn in the microwave, you can also make it on stove-top. We are going to try it with the vermont maple and sea salt this weekend! I'm going to bring the parmesan & rosemary home with me so I can share with my sister.

Are you interested in finding out more about Quinn Popcorn? Check out their website. You can also buy the popcorn online, click here. Find them on Facebook and Twitter. Reinvented Popcorn is great! Go pop some of your own!

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