Monday, January 20, 2014

Amberlyn Chocolate Review

Amberlyn Chocolates are sugar-free, Belgian chocolates.

"If you’re one of those who believe that the words “sugar free” and “chocolate” don’t belong in the same sentence, then you’re in for delightful surprise. We’re out to prove that letting go of sugar and carbohydrates doesn’t have to take any of the joy out of eating really good (dare we say great?) chocolate. How? Well we start with highest quality chocolate imported from Belgium. Then we add the freshest and finest natural flavors, nuts and other tasty inclusions to make our healthy lifestyle chocolate confections. We guarantee they don’t taste sugar free. You can rely on our 100% satisfaction guarantee. After your first taste you’ll ask, “How can this be sugar free?”"

The Chocolates are also low carb and gluten free. They offer so many different varieties and flavors, you'll keep wanting to reach for more!

Sugar Free Bars: I asked for all dark chocolate to review. I received a box of the sugar free bars. Flavors?
Dark Chocolate Cappuccino Bars
Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Nibs Bars
Dark Chocolate Orange Bars
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bars
Dark English Toffee Bars (my favorite)
Mint Dark Chocolate Bars
more click here.

I also received Dark Chocolate Bites, Sugar-Free Truffles, and Sugar Free Almonds. Amberlyn also offers a variety of gift baskets and other treats that will make you smile. If you don't like dark chocolate, you can choose milk chocolate as well. Are you curious about the Amberlyn story? Read here!

The company called The Cacao Group that makes Amberlyn Chocolates also makes Cold Stone Chocolate and Utah Truffles. I was sent those as well to try!.

Have you ever had Cold Stone Ice Cream? Were you satisfied for how good it was? The candies taste the exact same.
My favorite is the cookies n cream. So incredibly good, and so incredibly gone.

I also received Utah Truffles.
I haven't tried these yet, but they look so incredibly good, and I love me some truffles.

Chocolate always makes good gifts. These are perfect even with Valentines Day coming up. Do you have someone you want to buy these for? You can find Amberlyn Chocolates on: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or you can check out the website.

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