Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fruit66 Reviews

I've never had sparkling juice before, but when I saw Fruit66 I asked to try since it was so new to me. Let me tell you straight up.... it tastes like pure juice. I could taste a little of the sparkling fizz, but for the most part not really, the way the juice and the sparkling fizz fit together is wonderful.
Before Fruit66 came about, Switch was the first sparkling juice that Founder Bill Hargis and a partner created. After talking with school nutritionists, health organizations and parents, he decided to create a juice that had less calories, more real juice, vitamins, and nutrients. That's when Fruit66 was created. Their mission?

taken from the website"Our company name is 4u2u Brands, which reflects our mission and our unique approach. We first find out what products you, our consumers, want (4u -- "for you"). Then we research what it will take to provide a product that meets your needs (2u -- "to you"). We make sure that our products are all natural. We fine tune the juice mixes to get a great taste and the lowest calorie count possible. Every drink we make is refreshing and delicious -- they have to taste great! We also make sure that we have real vitamins and nutrients in our drinks. We don’t create any potions that are filled with caffeine or sugar to provide false energy, and we don’t add ingredients that promise mysterious untested powers of relaxation, knowledge or stamina. We just use what nature has provided to make sure you get what you want.

I was sent the Epic Sparkling Juice. See to your left (image taken from the website) Black Cherry was the flavor I received. I received a whole box full so of course I brought it to work to share with my co-workers. At first my supervisor was hesitant and she thought it was an energy drink. After carefully reading the whole entire can, she took one sip, and immediately wanted a few more to take home with her. She was sold! Everyone seemed to really like them because the box was empty within a day. I kept a few for myself and have completely gone through what I kept. I'm not really a huge black cherry fan, but it was so refreshing and delicious.

Facts about these Epic Drinks:
Black Cherry, Passion Fruit Mango, Strawberry Melon, Lemon Lime
Provides 2 servings of fruit
Great Taste
As much fiber as half an orange

Fruit66 also offers non carbonated drinks, and other sparkling juices. See picutres (taken from the website)

More facts? Sure why not:
Non Carbonated drinks are 100% Real Juice
All Natural
25% less calories than 100% juice drinks
No added sugar, artificial flavors or colors, caffeine or preservatives

Kids like them, parents like them, I like them! Find them on facebook , and twitter.

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