Thursday, January 30, 2014

Naked Infusions Salsa Review

"Life itself is always our best teacher. Growing up on a farm, I learned about a salsa so fresh, so natural, so alive with flavor and goodness that it taught me to live a better life, both professionally and personally.
For the past two decades, I’ve traveled the world in pursuit of healthful living and wellness. It’s not just a way of life, but also my life’s work. In helping others live better, I’ve visited many of the world’s culinary capitals. And while I’ve savored many wonderful meals along the way, equaling the memory of the salsa that originally inspired my journey has always eluded me.
Until now. With Naked Infusions, the real salsa of my youth is finally back. I use only the freshest organic ingredients from local California farms to provide rich, smooth, clean, authentic flavors. Ones that not only make you happy in the moment, but also inspire you to live better – and to do better. Which is why we donate a portion of every Naked Infusions sale to to help artists in need make our world more beautiful.
I hope you enjoy Naked Infusions as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing them to you.
In good health, Your Founder of Naked Infusions

I love Salsa. I especially love Medium Heat/Hot Salsas. I was pretty surprised to see that Naked Infusions let me try many of their salsas, that I even brought some to work, so my supervisor and I could have a tasting party!!

Why Naked Infusions?
100% Organic
Gluten Free
No sugar, no vinegar, no onions

Black Silk Expresso- Medium Heat- I definitely got a kick of the espresso as an after taste. This is one of them that my supervisor and I had a taste party with. She could taste the espresso through the whole thing. It was very tasty, and not that hot! I let her enjoy this one.
Rustic Blue Cheese-- Medium Heat-- I have yet to try this one. My boyfriend likes Blue Cheese though!
Fire Roasted Garlic. -- Medium heat-- this is another one we haven't tried yet. But we both like garlic, so I'm very excited. This will be the next one we open up.
Signature Ripe Tomato- HOT-- i like hot, hot, but not THAT hot... so I gave this to my supervisor, who will be using this for superbowl, and as soon as she saw HOT, she was very excited. I'm glad Naked Infusions was able to help her out with that!
Signature Ripe Tomato- Medium heat- this one is open in my refrigerator right now. When I opened it up, i took a quick smell. Smells like pasta sauce, tastes amazing, medium heat, definitely has a kick to it... i'm a fan.
Oxaca White Chocolate -- Medium heat-- This is the other one that we had a taste party with. Couldn't really taste the white chocolate in it, but that's okay, it was still tasty. I let my supervisor bring this one home too. Now we both have lots of salsa's to keep us happy!!

If you buy two of more you get free shipping!! These are great salsas for any occasion!! Do they sell them near you? If not, definitely buy them online. The salsa's are very very very very good. If you like the medium heat, you'll love these.

You can find them on:

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