Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Organic Hard Candy - Torrie & Howard Review

I don't chew gum, and lately it's been all about Tic Tacs, but then I came home from being with my family and I found a box of Hard Candies by Torrie & Howard. I have been keeping them in my purse and occasionally putting one in my mouth a few times a day. Four different flavors, four different distinct tastes, each one satisfying each of my taste buds. With only 60 calories per serving, and 5 pieces = a serving.. that's pretty good!
The Torrie & Howard Promise:
"We believe that food tastes better when it is made with organic, natural ingredients and responsible principles. We strive to create delicious, tasty treats that are made in a way that is as health-friendly, eco-friendly and socially conscious as possible."

They take some of their profit and they donate it to charity that's close to their hearts: Autism Speaks.

Their candies are:
USDA certified organic
Made with all natural ingredients
Kosher Certified
Free of preservatives
Allergy Friendly
GMO Free

Four Flavors:
Blood Orange and Honey
d'anjou pear and cinnamon
pomegranate and nectarine
pink grapefruit and tupelo honey

The candies come in tins or in a bag of the assorted above. I received a bag of the assorted above so I could try each of them. I can't pick a favorite. I am a fan of all these fruits and to have each of the flavors of the fruit inside a hard candy is just a great idea.

To find out about how Torrie and Howard came about to create these candies, you can check out their story here. You might as well explore their website. It's so engaging, and creative, that it makes you want to read more about them. You can buy them online, and they are reasonably priced.
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Normally most of the items I get that are food related I share with my co-workers. This time around, I'm keeping them with me and sharing with a few close friends. I guarantee they are worth the shot to try. They are different tasting, but they literally satisfy all the taste buds in your mouth. Check them out today!

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