Friday, January 17, 2014

The Original Kimball Popcorn Ball Review

"There is a legend that the popcorn ball is actually a product of the Nebraska weather. It supposedly invented itself during the "Year of the Striped Weather" which came between the years of the "Big Rain" and the "Great Heat" where the weather was both hot and rainy. There was a mile strip of scorching sunshine and then a mile strip of rain. On one farm, there were both kinds of weather. The sun shone on this cornfield until the corn began to pop, while the rain washed the syrup out of the sugarcane. The field was on a hill and the cornfield was in a valley. They syrup flowed down the hill into the popped corn and rolled it into great balls with some of them hundreds of feet high and looked like big tennis balls at a distance. You never see any of them now because the grasshoppers ate them all up in one day on July 21, 1874.
(from American Eats, by Nelson Algren, published by University of Iowa Press, 1992)
We wanted to demonstrate that arguably the best popcorn balls are made right here in the heart of small-town America – Kimball, South Dakota. Our unique recipe has evolved into two deliciously inviting variations: original and honey (made with South Dakota honey). "

I received all three flavors of Kimballs popcorn balls. I honestly had no idea what to expect. I thought they were going to the the small balls just like they have at drug stores, but I was wrong. They were HUGE! Let me tell you.... it's like eating a rice krispy treat, except with POPCORN! It's so cool and really good! There are three flavors:

My boyfriend and I have tried the Honey so far. So incredibly good. We split it and were only going to have a little, but it was so hard to have a little... I kept asking for more and more until it was finished. We were very generous as well... we both brought a few of them to our works to share with co-workers and I also am giving a few to my girlfriends tonight! Might as well share the goodness around!

What makes the Kimball Popcorn Ball different than others? It's softer, and pulls apart easier. You don't just have to bite into it! They are perfect for every occasion. You can buy them online. The Original Kimball Popcorn Ball - Just Try One...You'll Want Another! Completely true! Check them out today!!!

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