Tuesday, January 14, 2014

White Girl Salsa Review

I love salsa. I love the fact that there are hardly any calories, and any carbs. I feel completely guilt free when it comes to salsa!
I was sent two different jars of White Girl Salsa to try from creator Julie Nirvelli. How did White Girl Salsa come about? Well she loves to tell her story, and here it is:

"I grew up in California and when I was in college, I became particularly close to a Mexican family. We had an amazing relationship… I adored the women of the family and envied their unbelievable cooking skills. They taught me how to make homemade flour tortillas, rice and beans, and we made tamales together during the holidays. I love Mexican food so much and was excited to learn.
One day, I started experimenting with green salsa. A friend from this family tried my salsa, loved it, and asked me to bring it to the next family gathering for everyone to try. Well I felt like that was like taking sand to the beach… why would I bring salsa where there were first and second generation women who made the most unbelievable Mexican food I’ve ever had, to this day? I politely passed on the offer.
My friend was persistent and so eventually I took a bowl of my tomatillo salsa to a family gathering. The family devoured the entire bowl immediately and couldn’t believe that I could make salsa that they thought was so incredible. They were so amazed and delighted that they started calling it “White Girl Salsa” and the name stuck."

What gives the salsa a green color: cilantro, lime and tomatillo all mixed together.

I love spicy foods, so I definitely requested to try the "Hot Tomatillo". It completely satisfies my taste buds. It gives the perfect hint of hotness/spice. What goes great with this salsa besides a bowl of veggies or even tortilla chips? A White Girl Burger (click for the recipe).

I also received Cranberry-Mango. I love both of these put together. The recipe that goes great with this salsa would be Scallops.

White Girl Salsa's other flavors:
Medium Tomatillo
Mild Tomatillo
and Smokey Chipotle

My favorite food to put salsa on? A bowl of hot veggies. I take this after my father. It's a perfect snack for any time of the day. Frozen veggies microwaved until hot, and then mix the salsa in the bowl. So tasty!! There are so many different recipes you can choose from if you want to pair the salsa or even include the salsa within. click here to see!

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