Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Empower Fitness Review

What do you want? Is it to fit into your “skinny” jeans? Bare your shoulders? Keep up with your children? YOU CAN DO IT, and Empower will be with you on your journey—to guide you, support you, and educate you. At Empower, we care about the total you—body, mind, and spirit. We know that you want it all; to be healthy, active, and physically fit. We know you want to look AND feel great.
Our passion for healthy living brings it all together—helping you incorporate fitness and wellness into your lifestyle in a way that is practical and fun.
Empower ISN’T about quick fixes or false promises. Empower IS about real-life solutions that incorporate fitness, workout routines, nutrition, and wellness expertise for women just like you, living full lives, who want to be the best they can be. Designed exclusively for women by women, Empower offers fitness products; world-renowned trainers; nutritional expertise; and online communities to help you reach your goals.
Empower is here to inspire and motivate you to be active, healthy, and strong. It's your moment of truth, now MAKE YOUR MOVE to Empower.

Their Motto: Be Active. Be Healthy. Be Strong.

I've made a new years resolution to get healthy. For me that means eating better and working out more. I joined a gym in August, and I go about 3-4 times a week. While I'm at home, I like to work out as well. I have a pair of dumbbells, some bands, and now Flex Links. I try and strengthen my upper body on my off days at the gym. When I was in high school I was on the swim team. I worked out 6 days a week, and my muscles were strong. Ever since college, all that muscle has gone away. I'm trying to gain that muscle back, I'm trying to become fit again. It's a struggle, but I'm staying positive. Below are some pictures that show the flex link. They are taken off empower fitnesses' website.

The Flex Links stretch and strength ladder is a compact and portable tool that lets you start in your comfort zone and continues to challenge you as you get stronger. Instantly go from 5 to 20 pounds of resistance as you "climb the ladder" simply by moving the placement of your hands.
Flex Links, complete strength and stretch workout guide helps you tone upper body, lower body, and core; as well as improve range of motion and flexibility.

It's hard. I'm not going to lie.. it's freaking hard when you get up to 15-20lbs. It definitely works your body. Check out the workout guide. I've only done the overhead press and bicep curl, but I plan on trying out all of these at one point. After one day of using these, I could definitely feel pain in the morning. It was great. It's great to know your muscles are toning. It's a great piece of equiptment to have. It's also nice that I can bring it on the go, so if I'm at a hotel or going back to visit my parents, I can bring it with me!

Empower Fitness has other products they offer:
3-in-1 Kettle Bell
Safety Walking Weights
Boxing Boot Camp
Weight Trimmer Belt
lots more. Check out their website to see the range of products they offer. Maybe you'll find one or two, or even three that will work well for you!
There are so many products I'd like to try myself.

They also offer videos/workouts, a blog,and you can read about their experts! Jump start your weight loss journey, or jump start your workout plan with any of the products from Empower Fitness.

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