Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Son In Law Review

Even though I don't live in Michigan anymore, I still love trying products from MI. Son in Law Products :Here at Son-In-Law, we base our business on our high quality products, good customer relationships, and family values. Using the expertise of a professional chef who enthusiastically creates unique recipes, our gourmet products are now available to all. All of our products are handmade with natural ingredients, making our products truly unique. The products made by Son-In-Law can be used on meats for grilling, baking, or sautéing, as well as for condiments or dips.
Our business was started by Harold Kemler and his Son-in-Law. Harold chose the name Son-in-Law to give credit to the person who helped him start the business.

I love heat. All sorts of heat, except when it makes my eyes water, that's a bit too much for me. I love trying products that have heat. I was sent two different types of products from Son in Law, Horseradish and Salsa. Both amazing.

I've always enjoyed red horseradish. Never really was a fan of white. Then I tried XXX Flaming Hot Horseradish XXX. I tried this with some celery. I normally eat my horseradish with hard boiled eggs, celery, or gefilta fish (white pike fish). There was definitely some heat. Enough heat that made my nostrils numb! To see the other horseradish products click here.
Medium Roasted Vegetable Salsa. I'm glad I was sent medium, because according to the description, this has enough heat as a hot salsa. I don't think I would be able to handle the hot, the medium is hot enough! I've been using this on my eggs instead of hot sauce. My boyfriend can't handle this much heat, so more for me! To see the other products of salsa, click here.

Son in Law offers other products: BBQ Sauces
Hot Sauces
Pickled Products
and Dips

Son in Law is only sold in Michigan. You can buy online or you can contact them directly. If you like heat, you should try Son in law products!

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