Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunset Farm Foods Review

I love sausages. All different flavors of sausages too, I'm not picky. They are absolutely great! I was able to try three different types of Sausages from Sunset Farm Foods.

History: Back in 1918, Walter W. Carroll started selling two sides of beef a week to Flashers Meat Market on Ashley St. in Valdosta, Georgia. In 1932, his son, James D. Carroll, joined him in the business. That same year they purchased the land where the company sits today.
In 1935 construction of a facility was started on the site. In 1937 the company was given the name W.W. Carroll & Son. In 1938 the name was changed again, this time to Carroll Stockyards, a name appropriate given the company's involvement in cattle ranching.
In 1948 the name was changed again to Carroll Packing Company to emphasize the growing focus on retail and wholesale meats.
In 1965, James D. Carroll, Jr. came aboard. His brother, Walter W. Carroll II joined in 1971. In 1969 a sausage recipe was created by Jack Knight that would become the pride of Sunset Farm Foods - the same recipe that is used today. The company went under Federal inspection in 1975 enabling it to cross state lines with its products. This event dramatically increased the growth rate of the company as the state of Florida was eager for the fresh products of the company.
In 1980 the name was changed again to Sunset Farm Foods. In 1997 Walter W. Carroll II left the company as James D. Carroll, Jr's son, Thomas G. Carroll came aboard.
Sunset Farm Foods belongs to the Southeast Meat Association (SEMA)

Cracked Pepper Smoked Sausage. We had this for two different meals. We cut it up with some peppers and onions, and put some pasta sauce on top. I even had leftovers as a lunch one day. So incredibly tasty! If you click the link to the product, you can find different recipes of what you can incorporate the sausage with!
Baby Link Smoked Sausage. My friend tried this last night, and my boyfriend had this for lunch today. It's a milder sausage. I like my sausage to have some kind of kick to it, so I haven't tried this yet.

Jalapeno & Monterey Jack Sausage This is my absolute favorite! I love anything that has any hint of Jalapenos in it. I had this last night for dinner and also for lunch today! I'm literally obsessed with this, and have 3 more to eat!

There are different types of sausages you can choose from:
All Natural
Sunset Premium
Sunset Original
Beef Sausage
Boneless Ham
Fresh Sausage
Country Favorites
Chicken Sausage
Smoked Meats
Special Smoked
Each has different flavors for you to try! If you're in the mood, check out the recipes that you can use with each of these sausages too! All of Sunset Farm Foods are GLUTEN FREE! I am so incredibly happy I was able to try a new brand of sausages. I am absolutely blown away with how good they taste, and can't wait to finish them up! You can find them on facebook, twitter or on pinterest.

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