Friday, February 28, 2014

ZipChips Review

We started Bekaa Farms because of a conspicuous void in the marketplace: truly good snack food. Our passion for all things gluten-free led us to develop products that are both incredibly nutritious AND pass the yummy test. The best part of our business is listening to our happy customers!
Our Mission is to provide healthy low-cost snacks to folks who want the impossible: Satisfying their "munchies" (i.e. cravings for sweet or savory junk food) with something positively 100% healthy.
Our products are natural, high in fiber, and gluten free. They contain no saturated fat, chemicals, or hydrogenated oils.
ZipChips fill a market niche left by so-called "health food snacks" because our ingredients are true. You will find nothing like "reconstituted potato flakes" or ingredients that are better left in the world of chemistry. Even with all this goodness, ZipChips are priced competitively with the leading mass-produced national brands.

Apple Chips! They are so incredibly good! I recieved two of the Cinnamon Swirl bags and I gave one to my work mom Kathy. I gave it to her at 7:30 am.. at 7:50am she came to my office and the bag was 3/4 gone. She told me these were the best snack ever and I shouldn't have given them to her because she basically finished the whole bag in less than 20 minutes. I knew right then and there that this was going to be a good treat. It most definitely was.
They offer four different flavors:
Crunchy Apple
Cinnamon Swirl
Pecan Crunch
and Cranberry Crunch

made with slow baked fuji apples. A yummy treat, your kids will like it! They contain no cholesterol, gluten, or hydrogenated oils. They are really good. I love apples. I had no trouble not liking these chips. I eat apples and oranges every morning for breakfast, so this was a perfect snack for me!
made with cinnamon, fuji apples and rich almonds. Delicious!
This was hands down my favorite bag that I received. Made with Crispy Fuji Apples, Pecans, and real Molasses. So incredible. I ate half the bag in one day, and saved for the next.

Cranberry Crunch is their only "non-apple" product. All the chips are all natural and gluten free.

You can find Zipchips on facebook and twitter. You can buy them online or if you live in either Oregon, Washington, California, or Wisconsin, they may sell them near you!. If you like apples, you'll like Zipchips!

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