Friday, March 14, 2014

Jimmy's Sticky Jerky Review

I recently started liking Jerky. I am happy to be able to review a variety of different jerky companies, and a variety of different jerky flavors. This post is about Jimmy's Sticky Jerky. Here's a little blurb about them: For the first year and a half of our business, every piece of beef was personally selected by me (Jimmy) and trimmed by hand with the knife that I own (all paid for) and cut in a specific way to ensure tenderness in each bite. Using only the freshest ingredients, chopped by me with my trusty knife, our special marinade and fresh flavors penetrate deep into the beef for several days. Of course, I can only do so much, so now I have help! I want everyone to taste what beef jerky can really be at its' full potential.
There are thousands of types of jerky, and any number of those you can find in your local market. With all these choices, our Jerky stands out. Think of it as a little bag of steak; tender, and full of flavor. In our opinion, nothing out there comes close to our Sticky Jerky in flavor, texture or addiction level. We personally guarantee that every batch of Jimmy's Sticky Jerky we make has been taste-tested by us, and tasted and tested, and tasted and tested. Once you open the bag, you can't put it down, and that old thing called "sharing" pretty much goes out the window.
Our beef jerky is made locally here in the South Bay of southern California. We work with recycled materials in our packaging as much as possible and are always looking for ways to reduce our Carbon Footprint to do our part to help the environment.

I was able to pick two different types to try. I picked Sweet Turkey and Really Hot Jerky. Let's just say I'm quite impressed. The first one I tried was the Sweet Turkey Jerky.I almost couldn't put it down. I tried a piece and was like "delicious". I wanted to keep eating it, but I saved it and it lasted for 3 days, not sure how. Then I tried the Really Freaking Hot Jerky. You put it to your lips and you get the heat right then and there. I'll be honest. This has to be the hottest thing I've put in my mouth in quite some time. I love heat, I love this. I literally couldn't believe how hot it really was. Most times people say it's "hot" and then it's not really hot, but then this one.. oh yeah, you can taste the heat. The heat stays with you for a good 5 minutes afterwards too. It's really good, and really freaking hot! If I were to purchase Jimmy's Jerky, I would definitely purchase more of the really freaking hot jerky and have all my friends try it.

Other Flavors of the Beef Jerky:
& Cilantro and Lime (sounds amazing)
For the Turkey you can get it in sweet and heat.

Facts about the Jerky:
Low Sodium
100% Grain-Fed Beef
No Additives, MSG or Preservatives
High Protein, Low Carbs!

Is the jerky sold near you? You can find them on facebook . I am really glad I was able to try some new Jerky that was quite delicious!

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