Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jonty Jacobs Review

Jonty Jacobs specialize in providing the highest quality dried beef products to the market to satisfy the need for natural, untainted and delicious beef products.
While relatively unknown to most U.S. consumers, Biltong (dried beef slices) & Droewors (dried beef sausage) are traditional beef delicacies which originated in South Africa.
Unlike many Beef Jerky products flooding the US market, Jonty Jacobs Biltong & Droewors do not contain chemicals/additives and are not cured using sodium nitrates.

Benefits of Bilton (dried beef slices)
It's a Gourmet Beef Snack
Its 54% pure protein
It's ideal for a Low Carb Diet
It's good for a High Protein Diet
It's the Healthy Alternative to all other Beef Snacks
It's made in the USA and is USDA approved
Biltong is a "Clean" food
Has a 3 year shelf life

More facts
Gluten Free
No Sodium Nitrite
No Preservatives
No Artificial Colorings
No Harmful Ingredients or Chemicals
All the Regular products have 0g Sugar

The products: Biltong Slices - Traditional Cut - Original Spice & Grass Fed
Biltong Slices - Lean Cut - Original Spice & Grass Fed
Biltong Slices - Lean Cut - Original Spice
Biltong Slices - Lean Cut - Grass Fed
Droewors - Dried Beef Sausage Spicy
Droewors - Dried Beef Sausage Spicy - Grass Fed
Biltong Slab - Traditional Cut
Biltong Slab - Lean Cut
and Jonty Jacobs Spice Blend
Click here to read the description of the products here.

Opinions: The Droewors -- spicy, but not enough spice. Could have used a bit more heat. I like my products spicy. My co-workers enjoyed this very much. The spice was enough for them. As for the Bilton Slices-- we could taste all the spices in every bite. It was definitely a different type of food that I've eaten before, but it was good different. They are premium products, that are natural and tasty. I shared with my work mom and dad, and they were 100% fans. If they had to pick between the three of them they said: The Biltong Products. We finished off the packs within a day.

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and remember ""Whatever you do, don't call it jerky"

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