Friday, March 7, 2014

La Panzanella Review

Founded in 1990, La Panzanella®, known for its hearty peasant bread and homey cafe, quickly grew into one of the most popular bakeries in Seattle's Capitol Hill area. Although the master bakers at La Panzanella® created all kinds of artisanal breads, their greatest success came in 1997, with the creation of the first Croccantini® cracker. Uniquely crunchy and delicious, Croccantini® (or "Crunchy Little Bite" in Italian) crackers soon became La Panzanella's® most popular product. Read more here.

These crackers are low in fat and calories, so you can eat them without feeling guilty! They sell three different types of products:
Mini Croccantini
Dolentini Cookies

I received three of the Mini Croccantini: Black Pepper/Original/Rosemary. The other flavors they have are: Garlic, Sesame, and whole Wheat.
The Rosemary were my favorite. You get a hint of the rosemary taste in every bite. I've been using this with my lunches lately. It's great with some tuna on top! These are my boyfriends favorite too.
These are good for spreading a dip on them, dipping in soup, eating with different foods, or eating by itself. We've decided that these would be good for when we entertain. A great appetizer with some spinach and artichoke dip! They have different recipes that you can use for the crackers as well. The marshmallow and chocolate dessert is something I'm definitely going to look into!

Do they sell them near you? Find out! They are good to eat alone, they are good to pair up with, and they are great for entertaining! Try out La Panzanella Today!

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