Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lucky Brand Jerky Review

I'm totally new to the Jerky world. I always said in the past "i don't like jerky" but I never tried it. I recently tried it with a few other companies and now am anxious to explore all the jerky I can find! Lucky Brand Jerky sent some of their products to me. Here's a little information about Lucky Brand and their jerky and what makes them different than the rest:
Family owned and operated, generations of consistency and integrity
Cattle are all natural from birth (antibiotic, hormone, and growth promotant free)
Extended days on feed resulting in superior marbling
All-vegetarian diet for cattle, made with ingredients grown in the Midwest
Compassionate and humane animal welfare is maintained
Pasture rotation and environmentally-responsible grazing methods are employed
One of the most high-tech cold-storage facilities in the U.S.
Beef is processed and shipped from USDA inspected facilities
Sourced and supplied beef for one of the nation's leading natural retailers for over 10 years

Beef Sticks. This is a first for me. I'm used to the pieces and beef sticks were different! I received each of the flavors: Original, Teriyaki, Red pepper and peppered. My boyfriend snagged the Original away from me. That's okay! I tried the red pepper and my co-worker tried the peppered. I like things with a "kick" to them, and the red pepper had just that. Won my vote! I still have teriyaki left. It won't be here for long though! It's a good snack on the go for me. Then we got some Slab Jerky. My boyfriend was very happy with this. He doesn't like the sticky jerky, only the slab. He ate the original and we shared the teriyaki.
I still have the red pepper and peppered left, but again it won't last long.

What I like best about jerky: the great taste, and the low carbs. Read more about the slab jerky here and beef sticks here. Lucky also has sticky jerky and dog treats! There is such a variety! I'm really excited that I was able to try some of this Jerky. It's awesome to see the varieties that are out there. Such a great tasting snack. Check out Lucky Brand Jerky today!

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