Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sito's Foods Review

Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt... at least 16 countries border on the Mediterranean Sea. The shared traditional cuisine of these countries builds on the healthy basics of fresh garden vegetables, flavorful herbs and spices, and most importantly olive oil. Every meal becomes a joyous gathering, a delicious celebration, a contest of mirth and generosity, and a chance to show off and enjoy family culinary secrets. We invite you to continue the tradition with our delicious, homemade, Mediterranean Dressing - made with 100% extra virgin olive oil - and turn your next meal into a happy gathering of family and friends!

I love all things Mediterranean. I was sent:
SITO'S MEDITERRANEAN SALAD DRESSING The original signature secret salad dressing - created by Mikhail Khalil, and served in his restaurant for nearly 40 years - is a delicious blend inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and its renowned healthy lifestyle. Made with Imported Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, Sea Salt and Spices - Sito's Mediterranean Salad is bursting with life and flavor!
I used this right away. I didn't even let it sit in the fridge to get cooler. I wanted to try it as soon as I opened the box. I put it on top of my salad and was quite impressed. The other part that I was impressed with (not only the taste) was that there were .5 carbs and only 77 calories per serving. I've been trying to find low carb salad dressings that I really enjoyed, and this couldn't have come at a better time.

The other salad dressings that Sito has to offer are: POMEGRANATE FATOUSH DRESSING and CEDAR MINT TABOULI DRESSING. Two of my favorite Mediterranean dishes. I love tabouli so I can only imagine how delicious that dressing is, and I love fatoush salads. When I was living back home with my parents, every Monday after work my mom would go get a fatoush salad. She always got enough to share with me. Whenever I go to Whole Foods, I always get some tabouli and spread it all over my hummus for a wrap! The dressing I received, I've decided that it's not just going to be used for salads, but also for bread/pita dipping. Just check out the recipes that you can use with this dressing. Doesn't the chicken kabobs just get your mouth watering?

Sito's Mission: Our mission is to raise all people's consciousness and awareness of a healthier lifestyle by offering them delicious, natural products which make eating, and life, more enjoyable.
Go on the website and explore. Read the health facts. An online store will be coming soon so you too can buy some of the dressings. Follow them on twitter. Thank you to Sito's for letting me try some of your dressing and taking me back to the foods that I enjoy most!

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