Monday, March 17, 2014

Wave Bar Review

Wave bars are granola bars packed with so many vegetables. However, they taste pretty good! You can't even tell there are vegetables inside which makes it a whole lot better.

They have a pretty awesome story. Interested? Read it here. Their goal: Our goal was to create the ultimate granola bar that had an ingredient list and nutritional panel that parents are looking for, combined with a taste and consistency that kids (and adults) love. We aren’t aware of any other granola bars out there where the 1st ingredient listed is naturally dried fruits and vegetables.
Each Wave Bar™ contains:
½ serving of veggies (5 different ones: carrots, pumpkin, beets, kale and broccoli), per USDA ½ serving of fruit per USDA The unique nature of our product really creates an opportunity to educate children about what’s in their food. We aren’t trying to replace the importance of eating fresh fruit and veggies everyday, but people will always like to snack, and we want to help make it a more meaningful, healthier, and tastier experience.

Some more facts for you:
soft consistency
perfect size
low in sodium
good source of fiber
all non-GMO ingredients
vegan and certified kosher

They offer two flavors: Mixed Berry, and Baked Apple.
My favorite is the baked apple. I love all things apple, so this just adds to the list. It's a perfect snack on the go for me. I'm always looking for low sodium foods. This bar has 20mg of sodium, 170 calories, 3g of dietary fiber, 3g of protein. It literally tastes like a baked apple. I couldn't believe that I couldn't taste any of the hidden veggies inside of it.

This is a perfect snack for kids. The veggies that are hidden are:
and kale
They will be eating a tasty and healthy bar, and they won't even know that's healthy either! Are you interested yet? Check out Natural G Foods (wave bars) on facebook, twitter and instagram. Or better yet, go over to their website, check them out, and buy a bar or two!

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