Sunday, April 6, 2014

Khara Foods Review

I think I finally found that one hot sauce that's really hot! This would be from Khara Foods. Khara Foods is based in Beautiful Bend, Oregon, but our story has its roots in Mysore, southern India. This ancient city, remains a heart bed of culinary and cultural happenings.
Foods from Southern India are rich in flavor and offer a great nutritional balance using natural preservatives. This represents the cornerstone of our company’s philosophy.
Our specialty lies in making tasty and healthy fusion food products, like our signature hot sauce the Bangalore Torpedo, made in Bend, OR using traditional recipes and unique spices.

The signature hot sauce "Bangalore Torpedo" is definitely hot. I put some on my finger and first thought "oh this isn't so bad" two seconds later "omg this is hot!".
Hot is good though. The name derives from a legendary WW2 weapon. It is infused with flavors from the tropical fruit "jackfruit". You can put it on eggs, meats, stews, pizzas, and whatever else your heart desires. I always put hot sauce on my eggs. This definitely will be taking place of my current hot sauce.
The medium sauce is called "Tropical Torpedo". It's infused with mango's. It still has a kick to it, but it's not as hot as the Bangalore Torpedo. You can use this basically on the same foods, even noodles too.
Then there's the mild "Mint Mayhem". I haven't given this a taste yet. It's made with mint and peppers. You can use this with veggies, grilled meats, or even as a dip for chips!
I also received "Tangy Tamarind". This is a sauce that tastes just like your eating banana. It's good on bagels, toast, pancakes, waffles, ect. I love this spread.

They have many recipes for you to explore that you can use these sauces/spreads with. These products can be found at whole foods and other stores.
I've been looking for a hot sauce that actually has a "kick to it" and makes my eyes water. I think I have finally found it. The Bangalore Torpedo is definitely hot an spicy. You can find out more by emailing at: or you can find them on facebook: Try out Khara Foods today!

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