Saturday, April 5, 2014

Munch of Fun Review

Goodness for the whole kid I may not be a kid, but this is goodness for me too! Before I even show you what's in these boxes, let me tell you my thoughts. As soon as I saw them I immediately thought of different ways they could be used. If I were a child I'd want this to be my breakfast. I could bring my breakfast to school and eat it with my classmates, actually I don't think I'd share. Better yet, these would be good boxes to have for students who don't get breakfast at home. Yes they have free breakfasts for kids at school or they pay, but still when you see what's inside of them, they are much better than school breakfasts. Also, this would be a good on-the-go snack! Let's say you were on a road trip, or going on a vacation. You were sitting in the car with your kids for at least 3-5 hours. You wanted to keep them happy, and they kept complaining that they were hungry. You bring out the Munch of Fun boxes and they are happy and satisfied. All these ideas for these boxes! I also brought it to work to show my co-worker and the first words out of her mouth "My grandkids would love these". So as you see above I received two boxes. One is a breakfast box, and the other could be used as an afternoon snack.

So what's in the breakfast box?
The breakfast box includes: kashi cereal, some strawberrie crisps, apple chips, some dark chocolate peanut butter a juice box, and a toy! The box itself is pretty cool too. You can definitely recycle it (as long as it stays like it is, but you never know as kids); it can be their new lunch box for a few days!

Box two would be for lunch. There are so many surprises in each of the boxes. I got really excited when I saw tuna in the 2nd box. I love tuna. I literally eat tuna 3 days out of the week for lunch!

The features of these boxes:
They require no cleanup
Requires no refrigeration
Makes for the perfect gift idea
Great for field trips (even better idea!)
Packed with protein
Low in sugar
High in fiber
They are fun!!!!

There are different boxes for you to choose from, and you can explore your options here.I'm a kid at heart. I'd enjoy almost every single one of these. I don't even want to eat anything out of them, but I do believe Monday I'll be enjoying that can of tuna!. Read all about how Kristen came about creating these awesome fun boxes here. Munch of Fun boxes are a fantastic creation. You can follow munch of fun on twitter, or facebook. I'm so incredibly fascinated with these boxes, I can't wait to share this review with all my friends/family/social media that have kids. Heck maybe my friends will want these for themselves! Head over to Munch of Fun to see what fun you can bring into your household!

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