Friday, April 4, 2014

PrimeSnax Review

As you may have seen I'm a huge jerky fan as of lately. I recently tried it and found a new love for it. I've been trying to find many jerky companies to try out. This one is all about Prime Snax Jerky.
Prime Snax, Inc was incorporated 2006. It was the combining of Chipper Snax, Inc and Meat Snacks, Inc. Now operating under the Prime Snax umbrella, we offer various flavors and cuts of beef jerky including AZ Jacks Brand, Chipper Snax Brand, Desert Star Brand, Nature Snack Organic and Private Labels. The combined experience of key management is over 100 years in the meat snack industry. We love developing, producing and marketing meat snacks products.
I was sent Arizona Jacks and Desert Star brands. The Arizona Jacks story: Arizona has been symbolized as the western frontier experience. Many old western movies have their setting in southern Utah and Arizona. The Grand Canyon is a wonder of the world and is found in Arizona. This country is hand carved by the creator of the west, Mother Nature. Beef jerky was a stable to the people who settled in the western United States as well as the local indigenous people. They called dried, cured meat “Pemmican”. We call it Arizona Jacks Beef Jerky in our day and age!

The Desert Star brand Story: if you have not experienced the Arizona desert sitting around a campfire away from the lights of the city with its clear open view of the heavens, you will have missed the special experience that the Desert Star’s offer. Desert Star brand of beef jerky was inspired by the simple challenging life of the desert. The extremes of temperature, storms and horizons reflect the extreme taste sensation of our Desert Star beef jerky products. This brand of beef jerky combines a unique blend of spices, marinated to absorb the essence of lean cuts of beef and spice, cured with the slow smoky flavor of an outdoor fire, making eating this product reminiscent of the outdoor “Desert Star” experience. This product is available in 3 oz bags including Original, Peppered, Teriyaki and soon a new flavor profile Honey B.B.Q.

Now take a look at all this jerky!
Have you ever seen jerky that big before? I haven't. I've never seen such large strips of jerky in my life! There are four flavors of the large jerky that's called "super giga bite": original, teriyaki, hot, and peppered. I am obsessed with the hot jerky. I love all foods that have a kick to it. I even love all these teriyaki as of lately. The Super Giga bite is 22x5.5 inches. Crazy. The long jerky that you see are the whipper snackers. Those are 3 foot long beef sticks. They offer three flavors of that: Original, Teriyaki, and Pepperoni. The whipper snacks and the super giga jerky is from the Arizona Jacks brand.

It's always nice to try out Jerky. I love that's it a low carb snack packed with lots of protein. Prime Snax will definitely always stand out in my mind now. Check out Prime Snaxs' website and learn more about the products they offer. There are a few other brands that they offer as well too. Check them out today!

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