Friday, April 11, 2014

Puracy Review

Cleaning is not one of my favorite things to do; however, it makes it easier when there are great products to use. Puracy Home Essentials is a line of carefully developed home cleaning products made from plants, minerals, and natural fragrances. Our products are guaranteed to be effective, and may be safely used around kids, pets and your family. Since our products are natural, they contain renewable ingredients that safely break down in the environment. We pride ourselves in having formulations that are pure and free from any harsh chemicals, petroleum, or animal-based ingredients. Our entire line is proudly made in the USA.
I was sent Multi-surface cleaner and laundry detergent. First off the Multi-surface cleaner is amazing. Green Tea and Lime is the scent. It's definitely mutli-surface because it also cleans glass! Why buy one for counter tops, one for glass, when you can buy one that will clean everything? Some facts about the cleaner:
never tested on animals
Use on chrome, counters, electronics, floors, furniture, granite, glass, marble, sinks, stainless steel, tables, toys, and any other non-porous surface (multi surface for sure!)
made from plants and water so it's safe
streakless/residue free

I love the fact that it doesn't leave one of those nasty smells after the fact that it's been cleaned. It leaves it's own scent a "hint of green tea and lime", that's a huge plus for me! It's very easy to use. It also does a great job cleaning! We will definitely be using this again in a few weeks before my boyfriends parents come to visit.

Are you worried about using a detergent that you're allergic to? Puracy detergent may be great for you then. It's hypoallergenic and it pumps up to 64 loads! The good thing about the pump bottle is it makes for clean laundry. You don't have to fill up a bottle of even measure. This has also never been tested on animals, and it's all natural. Depending on how much laundry you do, this could last you a few months to even a year.

Other products that Puracy has to offer:
Dish Soap
Hand Soap
and Stain Remover

You can buy them in bundles or you can buy them as single units. Here's a little bit more about puracy if you're not sure about the products yet:
Effective: Puracy worked tirelessly to create a line of proprietary plant and natural mineral-based cleaning products with botanical fragrances that did not have an asterisk at the end. Once you have our products in your hands, you’ll know that they have already passed head-to-head tests versus both synthetic and natural competitors.
Friendly: All of our products are uniquely formulated to do more with less. In other words, they last longer, use less packaging, and are made from the purest natural ingredients available. They do not leave residues behind and, because they are non-toxic, they are safe to use around kids, pets, and the environment.
Value: You should not have to break the bank to access safe and effective household cleaning essentials. Puracy is a small company run by founders with decades of experience, who are passionate about minimizing costs, maximizing product performance, and passing the value on to you.
Giving Back: Our mission to provide natural cleaners to those in need is very important in what we do. For every sale, Puracy donates all natural cleaning products to local families and kids that are less fortunate.

Find Puracy on facebook and twitter. You can read reviews about the products on the Puracy Website, or even on Amazon. Check them out today!

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