Monday, May 26, 2014

Beso Del Sol Sangria Review

(picture taken from website) I'm not a fan of beer and I'm not really a fan of wine.. but I do love some Sangria. Beso Del Sol Sangria was nice enough to let me try their sangria. I got it a few weeks ago, but waited until this weekend to try it out with my girlfriends. I had a girls night + the boyfriend Saturday night and we had margarita's and sangria. Two of my girlfriends were huge fans (also me). There is only 3/4 of the box left. It was a huge hit. They were very impressed. A lot of the sangria they've been drinking lately tastes too much like wine. This one didn't.

Imported from Spain, it's 100% red wine sangria blended with natural citrus and fruit juices. Even though it's 100% red wine, it didn't taste like wine to me. I'm not a wine person at all. I used to like fruity drinks and when I stopped drinking those, I wanted to fit in with the older crowd, so I was introduced to sangria. It's strange though.... with wine, if I had to drink it, I'd choose white, but with sangria, I'm more of a red sangria person than white. White has always been too sweet for me. Beso Del Sol is perfect. Beso Del Sol means Kissed by the Sun

One glass does it for me. Yes I'm a light weight. 8.5% alcohol content, makes for a good night.
This sangria is perfect for a night in with the girls, or outside on a nice day. You can dress up your sangria with a nice piece of fruit as well. It's tasty and it's perfect, and it went well for our night on Saturday. You can find Beso Del Sol Sangria on facebook, and twitter.

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