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Irene's Bakery and Gourmet Review

History From Russia to the United States.
Irene's Bakery used to be a "Mom and Pop" shop - serving mainly local Deli and Convenience stores with great Jewish food - which unfortunately wasn't exposed to the big markets.
In 2002, Irene's Bakery was bought by a young, enthusiastic couple: Irina and Daniel Zelikovich. With strong leadership characteristics, endless energy and dedication to the business, they were able to make Irene's Bakery to what it is today: An all natural food manufacturer, serving companies like Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, King's, Shop Rite's and local supermarkets such as Acme and Giant. With strong beliefs and dedication to the company, Irene's Bakery has established a strong relationship with its employees and build
Today, Irene's Bakery complies with the highest food industry standards. It has established an ongoing food safey audit program that is managed by AIB International, and was awarded the "Excellence Achievement Certificate" for the years 2003 and 2004. With strong beliefs, Irina and Daniel have established a strong relationship with the employees and built a growing and successful business. Their slogan "always strive to be the best" makes people surrounding them understand that only "the sky is the limit".

I am addicted to these desserts I received. What draws me to them, not only the taste, but the fact that they are made with real ingredients. -- Ingredients that I can understand. I was raised Jewish, but never kept Kosher at home. I do have family and friends that do, and I am excited to share this post with them, so they too can explore some new foods.
Apricot Hamantashen – I have a few of these left, and they are quite tasty. What’s a Hamantashen you wonder? It’s a cookie that’s known for it’s triangle shape. Hamantashen is a Yiddish word meaning “Haman’s Pocket”. There’s a Holiday called Purim, and people eat these cookies at this time. I don’t really celebrate the holidays anymore, but it’s always good to have a treat that reminds me of the past. This Hamantashen does just that. They offer other flavors as well: Prune, Raspberry, and Strawberry.
Chocolate and Vanilla Meringues- I’ve never had a meringue in my life. I will tell you that I’m a huge fan. I made the mistake of thinking that each meringue was both chocolate and vanilla… nope.. there are chocolate meringues and vanilla – both separate.. If only I paid attention to the colors. They both taste like the flavor itself, and it’s a perfect dessert. Each meringue is only 5 calories, and hardly any carbs. If that’s not a good treat, I’m not sure what is!
Raspberry Rugallah – I’ve never had a rugallah in my life, and I think I have about one left. A rugallah is a crescent shaped pastry, filled with nuts or jam, or fruit. I'm telling you it’s a treat in itself. These are also low calorie, and low carb. The other flavors they offer are: chocolate, cinnamon, and walnut.
Biscotti- I received two different flavors of Biscotti. You can eat biscotti as a snack; you can have it with tea or coffee, or any way you please. I bring it with me in my purse as a snack. I actually had it for breakfast yesterday morning. I received the Chocolate Almond Fat Free Biscotti and the Raisin Almond Fat Free Biscotti. As you can see they are Fat free. All the biscotti’s are between 20-25 calories each. The other flavors are: Coffee Amaretto, Cranberry, and Pistachio Vanilla.

I’ve tasted a lot of desserts/snacks in my life, but never wolfed down as many of them as fast as I have with Irene’s Products. There are a variety of other products for you to enjoy. You can check them out by going to the website. You can also find them on facebook.

I highly recommend Irene’s Products. I have a lot of friends that keep to a Kosher Lifestyle, and I have a feeling they’d like these as well. Even if you’re not Jewish, and you are looking for some tasty treats you should definitely try out Irene’s Products. They are made with ingredients you can understand, and they don’t have many calories or carbs, so you can definitely indulge.

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