Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cottonelle Review from Crowdtap

Who doesn't love some free toilet paper? Especially when it's from the Cottonelle Brand? Thanks to #Crowdtap, I was given some Cottonelle products to try out.
We actually ran out of toilet paper for the guest bedrooms, so this worked! Cottonelle toilet paper is extremely soft. There are three brands: clean care - ultra comfort care, and gentle care. It is definitely soft and that's what the makers of this brand set out to do.
Flushable cleaning cloths. If you want to get the perfect cleanse, use these. They are featured with safeflush technology, so when you put them in the toilet, they break down and don't cause any plumbing problems. I've started to use these, and they are great! The product details:
Flushable Break up after flushing
Sewer- and septic-safe
OneTouch* dispensing tub
Great for the entire family

I was given these and coupons to give out to friends. I can't wait to share the brand of Cottonelle with friends and co-workers. Visit the website to win some great prizes, and learn more about the products!

Thanks to crowdtap again for letting me sample Cottonelle!

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