Saturday, July 26, 2014

Skintactix Review

The Skintactix label and website were introduced in June of 2001, giving the public easy access to highly effective treatment of acne and related conditions. Information and education have been an emphasis within our corporation since 1997 and we hope this website is a valuable and complete resource.
Most people who visit the Skintactix website have been to one or more skin care professionals and have tried multiple forms of treatment without success, yet many of these professionals continue to prescribe or recommend treatments that are only marginally successful. Through education and the sharing of information we hope to make these professionals aware of more effective options.

So I don't normally have an acne problem, but when I do, the over the counter medicine haven't been working out the greatest for me. I don't get it that bad that I need to go to a dermatologist either. Before you go ahead and try to find out what kind of acne medicine you need, identify what you have first. Identify by clicking here. For me, it's all about the blackheads. I normally only get acne about once a month or so. The past few months I got more. It had to do with stress. My old job was pretty much stressing me out like no other. My face broke out and I didn't know what to do.

The website also tells you how to use their products. Product Usage to be more correct. Each product comes in a 3-part kit. For me:
Step 1: Anibacterial Cleanser
Step 2: Glycolic Exfoliator
Step 3: Green Tea: Poultice

I brought all three of these on vacation with me and used them each for a full week. I could feel my face clearing up in no time. If I had any redness on my face, that all disappeared.
If you're unsure about the acne you have on your face, Skintactix is a very informative website. Also, it's paraben free and there is No Benzoyl Peroxide. I'm disappointed I left this at the lake house on vacation. It's worked for me, and I don't see myself using the store brand acne cream anymore.

You can find them on amazon, facebook, and twitter.

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