Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pure Care Review

premium eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products with a unique aromatherapy effect

I really needed to clean my bathroom. If I showed you my sink, you'd be disgusted. The All-Purpose cleaner I received and the Glass cleaner came in handy. Everything looks a lot better, and it smells a lot fresher.
We haven't thought about using this for our floors yet, but since it's "all purpose", might as well give it a try. All-Purpose is 8.99 a bottle.

We go through our dish soap really fast. I cook a lot, and we always wash our dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, and with the pots and pans, they don't go in there, so the soap always comes in handy. My boyfriend was really excited to see the dish soap. You can use this soap without protective gloves. The dish soap is 9.99 a bottle.

Glass Cleaner- "Pure Care V.O.C. Free Glass Cleaner contains no harsh chemicals such as ammonia, solvents, or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). It is designed for the effective streak free cleaning of windows, mirrors, metal, chrome, plastic, fiberglass, plexiglass and other hard surfaces.". My windows in my car are filthy. We thought that it was on the outside, but some how it's all on the inside. I've tried many glass cleaners in the past, and nothing has seemed to work. Then I used Pure Care's glass cleaner and it worked wonders. I can see again! The glass cleaner is by far my favorite item of their line. It's also 8.99 per bottle. It comes in three different flavors: EUCALYPTUS CLOVE CEDAR -- LEMONGRASS VETIVER -- and CEDAR PATCHOULI ORANGE.

Pure Care also has a line of bathroom cleaner. You can either buy the products separtely or you can buy the in a package. You can check out the prices and see the products here. You’ll feel confident knowing you’re using 100% natural, non-toxic cleaning products from Pure Care, and imagine how nice it’ll be to fill your house with natural aroma while cleaning!

I recommended, you try out these Pure Care Products. Go Green!

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