Tuesday, September 23, 2014

6D Hair Ties Review

I don't know about you, but for some reason I lose my hair ties left and right, and the ones that are just small and elastic, I lose. I always have a few on my wrist because I tend to lose them all the time. I normally get my hair cut every 6 months, but since moving to North Carolina, I have yet to find a hair dresser that meets my needs. Because of this my hair is extremely long and too hard to handle, so I'm always putting my hair up. A couple months ago, I reviewed another company that had these really cool hair ties, and I started researching other companies out there and found one that sent me some of their hair ties as well. This company is called 6D Hair Ties.

Made in Texas, and with a portion of their sales going to a charity, 6D Hair Ties makes handmade lace and elastic hair ties that are stylish.
Click here and read about the company and the charity they donate to. I'm telling you it's worth a read.

These pictures are taken from the website, but look at some of the hair ties you can purchase:
These are just a few. And they are inexpensive. You can also customize your own hair ties as well! Ideas they'd be good for: weddings, sports events, school groups, birthday parties, ect.. They are definitely stylish and different when you customize your own!

While I have one in my hair, I always have a few on my wrist. I love these hair ties. I love that they are different, and stylish and they are not easy to lose.

You can find 6D Hair ties on facebook, twitter, and pinterest. If you also make an order after reading this blog post.. you can earn 25% off your order. The code is Rachael25. If you're thinking about early gifts for the holidays, this may be a perfect one :) Check out 6D Hair Ties today!

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