Monday, September 1, 2014

Foxers Review

Are you looking for fun, sexy, comfortable, and stylish lounge wear? Foxers may be for you. My friend recommended them to me and I had to check them out, and she was right. Normally I would shop at Victoria Secret, but that gets old every so often. So what are Foxers?

FOXERS are women's underwear with the waistband design from men's boxer shorts. Essentially they serve as a way for women to have the comfort and style of boxer shorts but still look and feel sexy. When wearing FOXERS you might be asked "Are you wearing boxer shorts?" You can proudly answer, "not boxers, FOXERS" and (if you dare) show a little more of what lies beneath.
How cute are they? I'm sorry, but I don't take pictures of myself in anything, but I can tell you they are very comfortable and very stylish. My boyfriend really likes them too :) Not bad for a gift.. just send your man over to this website and have him pick out something that he really likes, because you'll probably like it too.

The waistbands for FOXERS are made from high quality men's 100% cotton shirting fabric, many of which are limited production. FOXERS are durable and can be machine washed. Your maid can iron them... ooh, you don't have a maid... just throw them in the drawer or better yet, put them back on. Foxers also has bras, sleepware, tops, leggings, and even some stuff for guys.
These are just some of the images from the website to show you what they offer. I'm putting aside some money so I can in the near future buy myself another pair. I almost didn't want to even try them on because they were so cool looking, but I'm glad I did, because they are by far the most comfortable under garments I have ever put on. Find Foxers on Facebook. What are you waiting for? Go shopping at

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