Monday, September 1, 2014

Lucky Country Review

When it comes to sweets, I'm a fan of jolly ranches, fudge, anything sour, and licorice. My sweet treat of choice to bring to parties used to always be twizzlers, then I found out about Lucky Country. I think it's time to switch.

The story of Lucky Country soft licorice started when Our founder began importing Australian style soft licorice back in 2000. Licorice enthusiasts were clearly ready for a more flavorful candy and Lucky Country® Aussie-Style Soft Licorice was a big hit! To be able to supply North America with the freshest, highest quality licorice products, Lucky Country built a state of the art manufacturing facility in Lincolnton, NC (just outside of Charlotte) in 2005. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality ingredients and producing our licorice according to the highest quality standards. The Lucky Country team enjoys making our licorice as much as you will enjoy eating it!

I'm kind of obsessed with the cherry flavor. I've already gone through one bag, and only have one bag left, but they sell them at my local grocery store, so next time there's an event happening at a friends house, you better believe I'll be bringing some bags to let my friends try.
I gave away the black and the pineapple. I actually brought it to a friends birthday party last weekend. My friends mom was really excited when she saw the bags of treats. She's a huge fan of black licorice and I think she hid it so she could keep it for herself :) I brought the pineapple over as well, because that's a different flavor of licorice most people aren't used it. That was a huge hit! I of course kept the other three for me. I'm trying to think of what the cherry flavor reminds me of, but I can't quite figure it out. All I know is I'm obsessed. So where do they sell these sweet treats?

Here's just a few to name:
Harris Teeter
Dollar Tree & Dollar General
check out the other places here.

You can find Lucky Country on facebook and twitter Go buy yourself a bag today, you won't regret it!

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