Sunday, October 12, 2014

Shake the Crave Review

Shake the Crave are Gluten Free Shakes that help you lose weight. If you're tired of all the diet programs out there and looking for a great tasting shake, these may just be for you.

120 Calories per serving
Feel Satisfied and fuller longer
Boosts your energy levels
Made with real vanilla bean and chocolate bean
100% Pure ingredients
Great Tasting

I have tried many different diet programs out there. I haven't really found a program that works for me because if you get off the program for a week, you gain all the weight back, and you're spending lots of money for something that doesn't last forever. With these shakes, you know what you're getting, and you know what you're putting in your body, and they taste good. I have a problem with feeling full at breakfast time. Doesn't matter how much protein I eat, for some reason I can't stay full. I had one of these Shake the Crave Vanilla shakes and I felt great. I had energy, and I was full. I was surprised, because at first I didn't know what to expect. The shake was very tasting too. I was sent two, and I could have had another one for lunch, however, I had the other one for breakfast the next day and again, felt great, and full.
If you do decide to test out Shake the Crave, there are 5 simple steps to follow:
Learn -- read about Shake the Crave on their website. The do's and don'ts.
Shake -- Enjoy two of the shakes a day. One at breakfast and one at lunch. You'll feel full all day.
Snack -- Eat two or three low-calorie snacks throughout the day to curb cravings and boost your energy – preferably around 100 calories each of raw fruits or veggies.
Meal -- Eat a good dinner. The more whole foods, the better
Move -- 5-7 times a week, get a good 30 minute workout in.
If you follow these 5 steps, you should see a change in your weight, and life in general.

What everyone tells me: The key to a good diet, and weight management, is a balanced diet, and exercise. You can have these shakes, but if you don't do some kind of workout you won't see results. -- Could I see myself using Shake the Crave again? Of course. Check out Shake the Crave today!

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