Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Boku Superfood Review

If you've been reading my latest posts, you'd know that I'm on the hunt for healthy foods for the new lifestyle I'm living. I'm trying to eat non processed foods, foods that give me energy, and food that are just plain good for you. There's tons of different products out there to do just like, just like Boku .

Growing up I had a learning disability, a focus problem, and a little bit of an anger issue.... I was sent to many different doctors and put on many different medicines. The medicine pretty much surpressed my appetite, and made me really tired. Medicine is great for some, but sometimes there are other solutions.

"BõKU® Super Food was born out of necessity and a parent’s desire to not give in to a life of pill-popping for their child. Over the years we sampled and familiarized ourselves with various Super Food products and ingredients from all over the world. It was an amazing journey, one that allowed us to work with some of the most gifted minds in Nutritional Science. The results? The ultimate, full spectrum Super Food. After several years and countless formulations, BõKU® International LLC was officially launched in October of 2007."

"All of BõKU®’s Doctor formulated Super Food Blends are USDA certified Organic, Kosher and Vegan. Completely free of GMOs, with no nasty fillers of any kind, and no wheat, dairy, soy or gluten. We use only the most pristine, nutrient dense, health forming ingredients in the world, obtained from Fair Trade, and sustainable sources whenever possible."

This picture is taken from the website. This is Boku's core values:

So I was sent a few products to try:
This protein is more protein than 2 eggs, less fat than 1 almond, less sugar than one banana, and as much fiber as one cup of oatmeal. It's also really good. I wish I had more of this, as this was what I had for breakfast one morning, and was completely full until lunch time. 19 grams of protein is a lot and something I really need in the mornings.
Super Cacao Nibs -- This is awesome on top of yogurt. You can even eat it plain, but it tasted awesome on top of my plain yogurt. These are known as Nature's Chocolate chips. It's funny I'm not a huge fan of Chocolate Chips, but these were very tasty!
Super Golden Berries- they are very sweet and a good snack. They contain a good source of fiber. These would be awesome in yogurt, oatmeal, or smoothies! I ate them right out of the bag!
Superfood-- The only product I haven't tried yet. You can enjoy this in a large glass of water. I need to get more of this and take before I workout though. I need that energy boost after work mostly.

Boku also offers a variety of other products. When you click on each product, you can read the FAQ section that may answer a lot of your questions. "What is that? When should I take it? How should I take it?"

I really like the colors of the website, and it's so user friendly. There's a lot of information, but it's good information. There is also a section for recipes too. Who doesn't love new recipes? I've been on a healthy kick for a couple months now and always looking for new ways to incorporate healthy meals into my day. Boku offers good fuel for you body and many benefits. It energizes you, and just makes you feel good and healthy! I definitely recommend checking them out.

They can be found on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

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  1. Hey Rachael! Thanks for the review - we are glad you enjoyed everything :)

    Cheers to good health!

    Keira Geary
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