Saturday, November 8, 2014

Dezaan Gourmet Review

Cocoa. When I first think of Cocoa I think of Hot Chocolate. I don't think I've ever had any desserts made from Cocoa. I'm sure I have in the past, just not ones that I can remember. When I first stumbled across Dezaan Gourmet, I saw the word "chocolate" used a lot, so I honestly thought I was going to receive different chocolate candies to try. I was wrong (which I'm okay to admit). Dezaan Gourmet is responsible chocolate in the form of cocoa.

So the word "responsible", what does it mean with Dezaan Gourmet? "deZaan™ Gourmet is a unique brand because we make chocolate with our own beans in our own facilities. Our responsible cocoa means that we work with others along the supply chain in order to improve the lives of cocoa farming communities. deZaan™ Gourmet believes that by working with farmers, producer groups, NGOs, researchers, industry partners and governments, we can address the complex issues cocoa farmers face in today’s complex environment. Our approach offers transparency, a key consideration for customers today. The Responsible Cocoa logo brings value to the cocoa farmer, and to you.".

I'll be honest. I've been thinking of many different ways to use the Cocoa I received, and I'm stumped. I love to bake, however, I'm not totally advanced and if you look at the recipes that are on the website, they are way to advanced for me. I'm taking the cocoa I received home with me over the holidays and my sister and I are going to try one of the recipes. She doesn't know that yet, but she's an awesome baker and I believe she can pull one of these desserts off. They have recipes for pastries and pralines. I'm going with a praline.
Those are the cocoa bags I received. I'm most excited about the Velvet. You'll have to check out the website and click on products, and you can see the different cocoa they offer, and what kind of cooking it's good for. When I realized I wasn't that comfortable cooking with cocoa, I started googling different desserts that you can make with it. I found some cookies that looked good, and instead of the regular cocoa you get in the store, I'm going to use one of the bags I received and see how they turn out. I'm glad I was able to receive these and learn something new in the chocolate world. I can't wait to start trying this out and see what creations I can make with them (with help of course!)

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